Delete Essbase Partitioning

You all will be thinking why I’m writing this since there is an option available (drop statement in MaxL).

Let me inform you a little bit about what i was trying to achieve and why it resulted in this post.

I got a requirement where we have to look for an option where we can import and export partitioning information. EAS console provides you an option for exporting the partitioning information as an xml file and then you can import the xml file back.

However there is no MaxL or ESSCMD command for doing the same. So i had to go with the option of dropping the partition and then create it again from MaxL script. So i created two MaxLs for the same and was in the process of creating the partition. Due to some unknown reason Essbase server went down and my MaxL didn’t complete. So i tried to create it once again and was always getting an error saying object “name of the database” cannot be found!!!!!!

This was a strange error because i can see the database and it is working fine in all means… then started the troubleshooting and couldn’t find a reason why the partition creation was failing. At last i thought of running the display partition command. I was surprised to see a partition listed as a result of the command.

Logged in to EAS and i couldn’t see the partition!!!! tried to drop the partition using the drop command….no luck it is saying there is no such partition…..So here is the trick…..

Partition definition is stored in a file (on Essbase Server) with an extension .ddb. So i just deleted the file and then my create partition MaxL started working!!!!!!…..But the error message was not so helpful at all…… 🙁

So if you come across such error…check for .ddb file

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  • Anonymous

    I've found you have to do this on both the target and source – be careful, because I lost a huge definition by doing this in the past… Make sure to export what is existing on the other side first. Ever come across a way to export just the mapping part of a partition and/or automate that?