Recover Hyperion Shared Services from error 21

Probably you may have seen this error where Hyperion Foundation services won’t start up and will give an Error code 21.

The Hyperion SharedServices9 OpenLDAP service terminated with service-specific error 21

I’m not able to re-produce the error on my laptop 😉 I think version 11 code line is pretty stable, but I’ve usually came across this error on 9.3 version.

This happens when a hard-boot occurs (I’m using VMware and I’m so impatient that I just hard boots my VMware). It will not allow you to start Shared Services and I’ve seen people re-installing Shared Services just because of this error.

You can solve this error by running runRecoverCatastrophic.bat file that comes with Hyperion Shared Services installation.

%HYPERION_HOME%productsFoundationserverscripts – location of backup and recover bat files

To run this file you should specify

1.      A  backup location (backup directory of your Shared Services)
2.      Openldap home location (which will be %HYPERION_HOME%productsFoundation)

What if you don’t have a backup!!!!!

When Hyperion is installed on your laptop and if you are lazy like me (I not used to take a backup of HSS), then you can just supply a valid folder like % HYPERION_HOME% and run the command.

i.e. runRecoverCatastrophic.bat G:Hyperion G:HyperionproductsFoundation

After the successful execution of the command, start Shared Services and you are back in business……

More about Shared Services back-up in coming posts……

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