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As a part of Shared Services backup, we’ll discuss about taking the backup of Shared Services Provisioning information.

Hyperion Shared Services comes with a utility called CSSImportExport, which helps in taking the backup of all Provisioning information.

To use this utility unzip cssimportexport.zip located in %HYPERION_HOME%commonutilitiesCSSImportExportUtility
This will give you 3 bat files,
  • CSSExport.bat

  • CSSImport.bat

  • CSSValidate.bat

A properties file is used to perform import and export options. A Sample importexport.properties file is given and is located in


You need to modify importexport.properties to perform an export or import. I’ll try to explain the areas that are important to perform an export or import.

CSS file location

This is the place where you’ll mention the CSS file location. This xml file has the information about external directories.
I’ll advice to use the ‘http’ option, because with the arrival of System 11 code line, this information is stored in hit registry and ‘getCSSConfigFile’ will be the most suitable option.
Keep in mind to include ‘interop’ (sample importexport.properties file doesn’t have interop in it.)

Specify File format

export.fileformat=csv or xml

Specify file names

Specify filters

The above given option will make sure that all the users and all the groups that start with GR_WA_FR are exported.

To export provisioning information
Use CSSExport.bat file.

This is under assumption that importexport.properties and CSSExport.bat are in the same location.

To Import Users
Use CSSImport.bat.

This is under assumption that importexport.properties and CSSExport.bat are in the same location.

Sample import file

GR_HSS_Train,Native Directory,GR_HSS_Train,Online Users Training Group,
Analytic Servers:ceratechsoftess:1,Analytic Servers:ceratechsoftess:1,Server Access,ESB-9.3.1,,,GR_HSS_Train,Native Directory
Analytic Servers:ceratechsoftess:1,PXS,Read,ESBAPP-9.3.1,,,GR_HSS_Train,Native Directory
Hyperion System 9 BI+,Hyperion System 9 BI+:ceratechsoftapp:6800::1,Explorer,HAVA-9.3.1,,,GR_HSS_Train,Native Directory

Here I’m creating a group called GR_HSS_Train and adding two LDAP users (37817, 32799) to that group.
I’m using the same file to Provision the group to have Essbase Server access, Read access to an Essbase application and Explorer access to Workspace.

Useful tips:
I always prefer csv than xml, because it is easier to edit 🙂
Try to keep the file to be imported (For importing user provisioning information) in the same folder where CSSImport.bat file resides.
Change import.maxerrors=0 to import.maxerrors=2000 to avoid any issues with error logging.
You can also use this tool to delete users, only modify  import.operation=CREATE to import.operation=DELETE. Here your import file should contain the names of users/groups that need to be deleted.

Hope this helps you to take user provisioning backups. Next I’ll try to cover how to automate the creation of Users and provisioning using SQL and bat files.

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