Restore Hyperion Shared Services

So now we’ll discuss how to restore Hyperion Shared Services if any provisioning information is lost….or any users are missing!!!!!! from the repository.

You can create scheduled jobs to backup Shared Services and export the provisioning information.

screen shot of backup process

The following steps are described under the assumption that you have a backup of Hyperion Shared Services repository, OPENLDAP database backup (using the backup.bat file)  and a csv/xml file which contains the provisioning information.

Restore Hyperion Shared Services database from the backup. Make sure that the Time stamp of the Hyperion Shared Services database backup and OpenLdap database backup are matching, else you’ll get issues while binding the database.

runRecover.bat E:HyperionHSS_Backups E:HyperionproductsFoundation

Execute runRecover bat file. (You should specify Shared Services backup folder location first and then the OpenLdap home location.)

screen shot of recovery process

After successful execution of runRecover.bat file, you should synchronize relational database with openLdap. There is a utility coming with Hyperion called UpdateNativeDir under


Unzip file and navigate to and execute updateNativedir.bat 


You can run updateNativedir.bat with the following options

        -cssLocation    – Required. Absolute path to the location of the 
                          CSS.xml configuration file
        -nodelete       – Optional. When provided the utility will not delete
                          any users/groups from Native Directory.
                          The users/group that will be deleted is listed in the
                          CSSMigration-Deleted*.log log file
        -noprompt       – Optional. Silent mode operation. No manual key press
                          needed. Can be used for scheduled jobs.
        -noupdate       – Optional. When provided the utility will not update
                          any users/groups in Native Directory.
                          The users/group that will be update is listed in the
                          CSSMigration-Update*.log log file
        -doprovider     – Optional. When provided the utility will also perform
                          Provider Migration.


updateNativeDir -cssLocation http://server_name:port_number/interop/framework/getCSSConfigFile -noprompt -nodelete

What if that there were some issues with the backup (timing difference or issue while restoring) and you lost some provisioning information of 100 users.

Here CSSExport and CSSImport will help you get the provisioning information back. Check  Exporting and importing Shared Services Provisioning for more details on Export and Import

You can schedule an export of all the provisioning information daily (or take a manual export after a huge change in the provisioning information).

Just make sure that export.internal.identities in file is set to false. If this information is set to false then the output csv file generated, can be used to import the provisioning back using CSSImport.bat file without any changes.

Hope it helps 🙂

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