11.1.2 Planning Data form changes

Here I’m with a new post on Webform (Data Form) changes in the latest Hyperion Planning release…..

Planning is coming with a lot of changes (User friendly) like
  • Customization of WorkFlow
  • Data Form formulas
  • Data Form Validation Rules

I wanted to test all the new changes……but before that I thought of trying out something which I’ve not tried till now. 🙁 Use OutlineLoad utility

I thought of replicating Sample:Basic (Essbase application) in Planning (it’s lot easier to understand this database and all Essbase users know what dimensions are there in it)…..so for the first time I was going to use OutlineLoad Utility (instead of HAL and ODI – this was introduced in V11 code line) which can load Data and Metadata into Planning from csv files!!!!!!

I know that this is a topic on Data form changes, but please bear with me 🙂

I extracted the Essbase outline using Razza Outline Extractor into Text files for loading into Planning (for those who don’t know about Razza…..Hyperion acquired Razza Solutions in 2005 and then marketed the solution as MDM)

OutlineLoad Utility in 11.1.2 Planning is located under


First I loaded Account dimension and below given was the code used.

OutlineLoad /A:SmpPln /S:ceratallyrand /U:ckattookaran /M /O /I:E:razza_extssamp_basic_Account.csv /D:Account /L:E:razza_extsAccount_outlineLoad.log /X:E:razza_extsAccount_outlineLoad.exc

You can load Attributes, UDAs, Smart Lists,…….using OutlineLoad

To Load Attributes to Product dimension and below was the code used.

OutlineLoad /A:SmpPln /S:ceratallyrand /U:ckattookaran /M /O /I:E:razza_extssamp_basic_Ounces.csv /DAN:Ounces:Product /L:E:razza_extsOunces_outlineLoad.log /X:E:razza_extsOunces_outlineLoad.exc
  • N  stand for Numeric Attribute
  • B for Boolean
  • T for Text
  • D for Date

I had little bit issues while loading UDAs…..The issue was Colorado is having 2 UDAs and no matter whatever I try, was not loading both the UDAs….After lot of experiments it worked…. 🙂 The key was to separate the UDAs using a ,

To load 2 UDAs to Entity member and below given is the extract from the MetaData file.

Entity    Parent  UDA       Aggregation (Basic)         Population
Colorado              Central Major Market,New Market         +             6000000

where Major Market and New Market are UDAs and Population is the attribute.

The process is well documented in Planning Admin guide and it is really handy tool if you are not that familiar with ODI.

Useful Tip

If you are getting any errors, then look into .exc file and you’ll be able to solve the problem easily. Log file will have the headers that you can use for each dimensions…….

Coming back to the Topic……hmm I’ll this will become a big post….if I continue like this……so will discuss more on the Data Form changes in next post……..

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