Hyperion Financial Reporting import fails for large file

We (Arun Pillai, Lingaraj and me) had little trouble in finding the solution for this error.

Our best friend (Google) betrayed us 🙁

He he he there was no clue what so ever how to solve the error. Oops sorry I didn’t tell you what the error was.

One of our friends was doing an upgrade project and she had to import some Financial Reporting objects.

She was trying to import a file which was more than 24 Mb (Financial Reporting Snapshot book) and it was failing with the below given error.

11-29 00:26:46 ERROR HRRepImportExportBean Exception in reading zip _file:
11-29 00:26:46 ERROR HRRepImportExportBean com.hyperion.reporting.util.HyperionReportException: Uploaded file contains suspicious contents or is too large.
11-29 00:50:16 ERROR HRRepImportExportBean Exception in reading zip _file:
11-29 00:50:16 ERROR HRRepImportExportBean com.hyperion.reporting.util.HyperionReportException:  Uploaded file contains suspicious contents or is too large.

So we threesome had a discussion how to solve it.

  • Google it, which didn’t help
  • I had a weird idea to edit the data folder in biplus and then insert the file from backend (biplus data folder and change the workspace repository). For some reason everyone rejected this 🙂
  • Let’s do a search in the properties files and see whether we can change a setting.

So the solution is to edit fr_webapp.properties and set the MaxImportFileSize

Even though the doc says

By default there is no limit on size of file allowed to import.

For example: MaxImportFileSize=1000 This will limit import file size to 1MB. This means, importing any file (zip or otherwise) with size more than 1MB will fail. Also, even if the zip file size is less than 1MB but actual size of a compressed file in zip is more than 1MB, then the import will fail.

We made MaxImportFileSize=30000

Save the file, restart Financial Reporting and Workspace services….and import the file 🙂

Our 25Mb snapshot book was imported back 😉

Hope this helps.

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  • Ruby Hou

    Hi Celvin,

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog posts, they have been really helpful.
    You mentioned migrating Financial Reporting Books in this blog. Do you mind sharing more about a systematic way to migrate Reporting Books?