WebAnalysis – how to show the current user’s report when he logs in

Once I had to develop some WebAnalysis reports for a client, there were reports showing.

  • His performance
  • His direct reportees performance
  • His Indirect reportees performance.

So when we developed the reports we selected the entire tree structure of Organization (dimension) hierarchy in pages. However client was not happy with each user navigating through the entire hierarchy, instead they wanted to show the current user’s report only when logs in.

  • Only his emp id in the page drop down for his performance report
  • Only his direct reportees id in the page drop down for his direct reportees performance report
  • Only his in-direct reportees id in the page drop down for his in-direct reportees performance report

So now the challenge was to incorporate the idea in WebAnalysis. If you have worked on WebAnalysis, there is an option to create Personal Variables and it differs for each user.

So my task was to create PVs for 2500 users 🙂 and while creating the report select the PVs as member selection.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<User LoginID=”1012″>
<AddPersonalVariable Name=”Me” Database=”/CERA/Databases/CERA.PLAN” Dimension=”Organisation”>
<Member Name=”EMP_1012″ SelectionMode=”MEMBER”/>
<AddPersonalVariable Name=”InDirectReportees” Database=”/CERA/Databases/CERA.PLAN” Dimension=”Organisation”>
<Member Name=”EMP_1012″ SelectionMode=”DESCENDANT”/>
<AddPersonalVariable Name=”DirectReportees” Database=”/CERA/Databases/CERA.PLAN” Dimension=”Organisation”>
<Member Name=”EMP_1012″ SelectionMode=”CHILDREN”/>

So thats the code that you’ll use to create Personal variables. You want to automate the process you can mail me and I’ll explain that to you 🙂

You will need two files to run this xml file

  • ARUUtil.bat
  • ARUImport.properties

and they are located under

  • %HYPERION_HOME%productsbiplusbin
  • %HYPERION_HOME%productsbipluscommonconfig
respectively. Edit the properties file and specify the path to the xml file. Run ARUUtil.bat and the PVs will be created in WebAnalysis.
Hope it helps…….

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