Re-initialize Capex and Workforce 3

We had a client where Capex and Workforce was enabled. I think there will be client how may have enabled this option when they create an application and later decide not to go with it.

However there will be an option in Planning window to initialize Capex and Workforce. You may have got requests how to disable this, and thought how to do this.

I’ll cover this today 🙂

We had to give a demo for our client and our EAS was down for sometime, so we decided to go with Calc Manager and initialized Capex and Workforce on Calculation Manager.

But somehow we (Lingaraj, Arun and me) didn’t like Calculation Manager and wanted to initialize Capex and Workforce on Business Rules.

We changed the settings back to Business Rules (Administration –> Application –> Settings, change it to Calc Manager or Business Rules from here). But then the Initialize option now does not show Capex or Workforce.

Okay, so now how to re-initialize it.

If you open up the Planning application schema, you will come across a table called, HSP_SYSTEMCFG.

This table has a column called MODULE_ENABLED. Let’s look at the values this column can hold and the implications.
  • 7 – both the modules are enabled
  • 1 – both modules are not enabled
  • 3 – Workforce enabled
  • 4- Capex enabled

So we made the value back to 1, restarted Planning and got Capex and Workforce back in the Initialize menu. If you want to hide Capex and Workforce, then change the value to 7.

That’s all 🙂

Hope it helps

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3 thoughts on “Re-initialize Capex and Workforce

  • Anonymous

    Hey Celvin,

    Thanks for the topic you shared, I have been thinking of it how to disable and you got it here.Once you disable the application now you can see initialize option on workspace…But what about the application which was already created in essbase… how can we get rid of it. once we disable application we can go into eas and delete that database… is that it… Can you please confirm …