Financial Reporting Server property files ( in 11.1.2

I think by this time you all know about this……but this is for the rest of us.

Sorry for coming up with this so late….I stumbled upon this 3 weeks back, but was tied up with lot of work….so couldn’t share it with you all  🙁

I was not aware of this change; change……yes you don’t have all those property files that we always edited to make things work in FR ;)…….all are gone……

Oracle has came up with a new centralized way of storing the information….(and it is pretty nice and easy).

So I had a requirement….. 

          – The Financial Reports header and footer (rulers) should be in Inches…..

I straight away went and searched for (you can edit com.hyperion.reporting.HRPrefs.Units to change the ruler unit) and couldn’t find one.

So I was looking for a way to change this… I started searching with different keywords (configuration, config,….) and the word config brought back a command line tool called FRConfig.cmd.

If you launch that command line tool, it’ll launch the Java Monitoring and Management Console

Go to the MBeans tab and there you’ve the entire list of parameters.

The default value for com.hyperion.reporting.HRPrefs.Units is inches…..but somehow the rules in FR studio was coming up in centimeters. (not sure whether it is a bug or some problem with my installation….mine is on Windows 7 OS)……so I changed it to com.hyperion.reporting.HRPrefs.Units=Inches and restarted FR services and viola!!!!!

FR studio rulers are not in centimeters anymore…..

You can change the logging parameters, File size,….,……, all here from this utility.

Later I I found that there is a new guide available now, fr_webadmin.pdf which has a detailed section on this… bad I didn’t check the guide first…….

Hope it helps

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