Place Planning under Maintenance Mode from Command Line

This was one of the requirements that came up in one of my friends and with his inspiration (Prajeev’s) I thought of creating a batch file for placing Planning under Maintenance Mode.

All you have to do is download the file and extract it to a folder.


  • Essbase client needs to be installed on the server where you are running this script
  • SQLPlus needs to be installed on the server where you are running this script

Edit the following scripts
  • Maintenance_Mode.bat
    • BASE_DIR – Change to the directory where you extract the zip file
    • PATH – Add the path to SQLPLUS
    • PLN_APP – Change to your application
    • Change the path to Broadcastmessage.cmd, Username, Appname
    • Change the path to the encrypted password file 
  • Under sql directory change
    • UserId, Password and SID files
    • Set the login_level in PLN_MAINT_SQL.txt
      • LOGIN_LEVEL=’0′ – For all Users
      • LOGIN_LEVEL=’2′ – For Administrators
      • LOGIN_LEVEL=’3′ – For Planning Owner
  • sendmail.vbs
    • Update the SMTP server details
    • User ID, if your SMTP server needs authentication then uncomment the lines starting with ‘***_*** under section “Configuration”
  • Under Maxl directory
    • Change User name, password and Essbase Server details
Restart Planning and you are done. This will broadcast a message to all the Users who are logged in Planning and they will get a mail also which will inform that Planning Maintenance will begin after 5 mins.

Hope this helps.


For those who are on version there is a patch available which comes with a utility

Read more about it here.

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