Workspace not showing PDF version of FR report HTTP 500

I was trying to get the PDF version of FR working on 64-bit Windows server.

Every time when I perform the PDF view it was giving an HTTP 500 error.

Print log was showing that I don’t have Ghostscript installed, where as I had it installed.

[2011-01-19T04:05:55.491-08:00] [EPMFR] [ERROR] [00192] [oracle.EPMFR.core.reporting.printserver.PrintInstanceThread] [tid: Thread-11] [ecid: 0000IqUAf6lC4yQ_m_S4yZ1DDhE2000002,0] [SRC_CLASS: com.hyperion.reporting.printserver.PrintInstanceThread] [SRC_METHOD: processInstance] Could not load Ghostscript or Distiller. Please ensure that a supported version of Ghostscript or Distiller is properly installed

So I un-installed Ghostscript, cleaned up all the registry entries and installed the 32-bit version of Ghostcript (Yes, even on 64-bit servers, you have to use the 32-bit version).

Also I updated the path entries with the Ghostscript one


That’s it…..we were back in business

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