Calc Manager error “An error occurred while running the specified calc script.Check the log for details”

If you are using Calc Manager with Planning you may have came across this error.

Once we (me and Lingaraj – a colleague/friend of mine) were doing a project and had to migrate all the Business Rules into Calc Manager and then we were testing some rules and came across this error.

We tried to check almost all possible scenarios to see why the error came up. I kind of (personally)hate the 11.1.2 error logging system because when you open up the logs files for  a possible explanation of the error it’ll say “Please check the log for details”. He he…isn’t it cool.

So coming back to business, we found that the rule is running correctly, i.e. we are getting the correct results – numbers(logic is running fine). Somewhere in Calc Manger it is saying that the rule didn’t run correctly. S0 back to the back-end tables. (It always starts and ends with back-end tables for me and Linga ;))

If you look at the relational tables for Planning, you can see that some tables are especially for Calc Manger.


We checked all theses backend tables and found that there are some constraints involved.

The culprit was a constraint called UK_CALC_MGR_USER_VAR_PPT which is a unique constraint.

So we disabled this constraint and the issue got resolved. Now we have to check with Oracle and see whether there is any implication if we disable this constraint.

Also I’ve seen that if you import any Hyperion Business Rules to Calc Manager, the validation fails with the following error message
A substitution variable required for this calculation is undefined. Variable: Variable Name 

There is nothing wrong with your variable, you’ll have to assign a default value to the variable!!!!!(didn’t like this one too)

Hope these will get resolved in the new release 🙂

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