Change History Years in Planning 12

I was using the Sample Planning application to test a validation rule of 11.1.2

When I tried to create the application (Manage Database -> Create), it gave me errors!!!

The issue was due to the fact that the formula members(members that are having a formula in it) has FY09 in them, where as the start year for Sample Planning application is FY10. (I think this is a bug, someone forgot to clean up the code for Sample App).

I’m a lazy guy and I didn’t like to go to each member and correct the formula. So I thought of changing the Year FY10 to FY09, but we know that once Planning application is created you cannot add History years. I had to manipulate the backend tables to get this working.

Note: This is not a supported/recommended way

There is a table in Planning repository which keeps the Year information, and is called as HSP_CALENDAR.

So I changed the FIRST_YEAR column value from 2010 to 2009

The value that you see in CURRENT_YEAR comes from HSP_OBJECT table.

Run a SQL query against HSP_OBJECT table.

 select * from HSP_OBJECT where OBJECT_NAME like ‘FY%’;

Change FY10, FY11, FY12, FY13 to FY09, FY10, FY11, FY12

Update HSP_CALENDAR FIRST_YEAR column to the new year.

Commit the changes and restart Planning services, thats it. Now I’ve have FY09 in my Planning application, (I can add FY13 later from Planning itself).

I was able to deploy the Sample Planning application without any errors.

Sample application was a fresh application and there was no need to backup any data. But if you are doing this in a Prod/Dev/Test application, then you have to take a back up of the schema, data, etc.

Hope it helps.

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12 thoughts on “Change History Years in Planning

  • Anonymous

    Nice info! Can you do the same if you want to delete old years that contain no data ? And can you do it without losing the existing data when refreshing the database ?

  • Chandramouli Nayak

    Hii I am a beginner in Hyperion planning …I am trying to change the history values but i'm not able to do so… Its throwing me an error that particular table/view doesn't exists…Please help me on this…Thanks..

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I'm also a beginner in Hyperion Planning v3 🙁 . question: we maxed out 15 years total ( start year 1999, end year 2013). We no longer need data for 1999, 2000, etc. What's the best way to manipulate to change, say Start Year 2002 and End Year to 2016 ? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I have a question if you can help me. I am a beginner. I too want to deploy the sample planning application on Hyperion EPM Firstly, how to check what is the start year for the Sample Planning Application? Where is the data file for sample planning application loaded?

    Thanks and regards,

  • Celvin Kattookaran

    Start Year is for each scenario, if you edit each scenario member then you can find start year of scenarios.

    If you talking about the Year dimension start year, then it depends upon version. I think it starts from FY11.

    You can find data file under C:OracleMiddlewareEPMSystem11R1productsPlanningbinsampleapp

  • Nau

    Hay dear how r u ?

    Good day , I came here through google . right now I am facing an issue regarding . Approval Hierarchy history. For example now I am working on 2020 Budget but need to take the backup of last year Approval Hierarchy history as well for Audit department . There is option available of import and export in approval which actually extract Approval Hierarchy data not history , Your kind attention and help is required in this Regards,
    Thanks in advance,