Workforce issue while enabling custom dimension

This was an issue I got in the 11.1.2 Planning version (I’ve never tried the in-built workforce module till now) when I tried to enable some custom dimensions in Workforce.

I enabled Capex and Workforce when I created the application and after a while I thought of adding Currency dimension in both Capex and Workforce.

Since the application was already created I went for a Database “Refresh”.

All the 3 Plan types and Capex restructure worked well, however Workforce give me an error, which indicated that it was crashing the Essbase server.

Creating rebind thread to RMI

d{ISO8601} WARN [ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: ‘0’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’ – Error retrieving user by identity

com.hyperion.planning.olap.EssbaseException: Network error [%s]: Cannot Receive Data (1042013)
at com.hyperion.planning.olap.HspEssbaseOutlineAPI.EssRestructure(Native Method)
at com.hyperion.planning.olap.HspCubeRefreshTask.buildOutlines(Unknown Source)
at Source)

John Good Win (through OTN forums) asked me to perform a Database “Create” instead of “Refresh”, mine was a sample experiment Application and I had no issues doing this.

I think the “Create” option made 11.1.2 Planning to think a while and gave me some meaningful errors. 🙂 (Previous error was an indication that it is crashing the Essbase server, but it was not).

The error was caused due to member formulas in the below given members.

“SSTax Rate1”
“SSTax Rate2”
“SSTax Cap”
“SUI Rate”
“SUI Cap”
“FUTA Rate”
“FUTA Cap”
“Medicare Rate”

They are having a formula similar to the one given below,

 [CrossRef(“SSTax Rate2 Input”)]

When converted into Essbase terms the formula was showing up as

 “BegBalance”->”No Scenario”->”No Version”->”No Entity”->”No Employee”->”No Currency”->”SSTax Rate1 Input”;

So now I learned that each custom dimension added it should have “No <Dimension name>” as a member in it. (It was the first time I was using the in-built workforce module) 🙂

I agree to the point that Workforce will require modifications according to your needs, but I strongly believe that the error logging of 11.1.2 has to improve a lot.

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