Launch Maxl from Notepad++

I was exploring the options in Notepad++ (someone posted a comment in my blog which took me to Essbase Labs, where there is a blog entry on Textpad and Essbase).

So I was looking at at option where we can launch programs from Notepad++ itself. There is a run command which does it, however I was looking at an option where I can get a console window.

After some research I found the plugin that I was looking for (, you can install the plugin using Plugin Manager in Notepad++.

So I created a Maxl file to display the substitution variables and enabled the console option in NppExec

Ran the essmsh command using “$FULL_CURRENT_PATH”

and the result

So now you write Maxl statements and run it from Notepad++ itself (if you have essmsh installed on the machine).

There are lot of commands that you can use with NppExec, (NPP_SAVE which can save the files, you can invoke command line using cmd and back up the files using cmd /c copy “$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)” “C:Backup$(FILE_NAME)” /Y)


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