Clear Planning security only for some objects (not Webforms, not Administrators)!!!!!

So I’m working with a client who asked me to clear all existing security in Planning, and I knew what exactly to look for. (and I know you also know how to do it….). I was like “Oh I can do this even while I’m sleeping”.

But there was a catch to it, they said they want to keep all Administrator users and remove others.

SL_CLEARALL, clears all the security!!!!!

I ran a query against HSP_ACCESS_CONTROL table (where security is getting stored) and thought of deleting it from Relational 🙂

So since it was my own setup I thought of playing around with the Relational database.
Please take backup of Planning relational database and dump of security (run ExportSecurity.cmd)

If you feel confident enough then read on 🙂

HSP_ACCESS_CONTROL table information
  1. USER_ID – from HSP_OBJECT (also present in HSP_USERS and HSP_GROUP)
  2. OBJECT_ID – from HSP_OBJECT (which object the security is defined)
    • Read=1
    • Write=3
    • Deny/None=-1
    • Launch=4 (you’ll get this if you are using Calc Manager)
  4. Flags
    • 0=member
    • 5=children
    • 6=IChildren
    • 8=Descendants
    • 9=IDescendants
This is the table where Planning security is stored.

I added some tasklists to the Adminstrators and added Security to Webforms and then was looking for a way to do this (how to check the object type and user type?).

HSP_USERS table contains the information of roles of users. (where as HSP_GROUP doesn’t have this, so the search will fail and you’ll have to delete all the groups)
  • 0=Admin
  • 1=planner
  • 2=interactive
  • 3=Owner
So I just combined all these information and wrote a delete SQL statement

delete from hsp_access_control where user_id in (select user_id from hsp_users where role &lt;&gt; 0 and role <> 3) or 
user_id in (select object_id from hsp_object where object_type = 6);

This one was to remove all security except Administrators, so you can modify it to remove everything except Webforms.

delete from hsp_access_control where object_id in (select object_id from hsp_object where object_type <> 7);

Do a commit and restart Planning, all the security assignment except for admins and owner is gone.


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