Change weekly distribution of an existing Planning Application

I think this has to be named as “Change Calendar” series 😉
You can check these post on how to change history year, start month
This one is also on the same line where we’ll change the weekly distribution (4-4-5, 4-5-4, 5-4-4, Even)
Some insight on “Weekly Distribution”
Weekly distribution sets the monthly distribution pattern, based on the number of fiscal weeks in a month.  This determines how data in summary time periods spreads within the base time period. When users enter data into summary time periods, such as quarters, the value is distributed over the base time periods in the summary time period.
If you select a weekly distribution pattern other than Even, Planning treats quarterly values as if they were divided into 13 weeks and distributes weeks according to the selected pattern. For example, if you select 5-4-4, the first month in a quarter is considered to have five weeks, and the last two months in the quarter have four weeks.
Let’s look at the spreading pattern for a 4-4-5 weekly distribution when there is no value for all the children.

So if this was 4-5-4 distribution then
               Jul will be 40
               Aug will be 50
               Sep will be 40
Planning holds this information in SUPPORT445 column of HSP_SYSTEMCFG table
    • 0 – None
    • 1 – 445
    • 2 – 454
    • 3 – 544

Let’s imagine a scenario where customer would like to have 4-5-4 distribution instead of existing 4-4-5
You can run the below given SQL
update hsp_systemcfg set support445=’2′;
update hsp_account set use_445 =’2′ where use_445 =’1′;
Re-start Planning and then you are ready to go, Login to Planning and see whether the changes are in place.

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