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Some of you may have used them already and some are still wondering about the syntax on how to use these. (just like me) Planning is coming with some utilities which help in extracting Menus, Tasklists just like forms. (I really wished for this when there were issues with Menu import in LCM)

So in this blog I’m trying to cover some of those utilities that went undocumented, (some of these you may have used like PropFileMig, CopyApp, OutlineLoad) and also the issues with them.
  •  ImportUsers
  • MemberFormula
  • MemberFormulaSync
  • MenuDefUtil


Usage : Importusers [-f:<passwordFile>] <users_file> <servername> <username> <app
lication> [PREVIEW_ONLY]

I tried a lot to find out what should be the syntax of the user file should and after lot of trial and error I found that it is similar to the one given below.

username,0/1,0/1/2, where I’m not sure about first 0 and 1 😉 but for second
  • 0 – Administrator
  • 1 – Planner
  • 2 – Interactive User 
I believe this is similar to the ImportUsers in old Planning version (3.0), but there are more roles now in Also this doesn’t create the user. If you try to add a new user it’ll say that not able to find the user!!!!.

So my experiment was to see how it updates the existing user. So I provisioned a user as Planner in HSS and then ran the tool to make him Administrator. I looked in the Security Filter screen and Planning was showing the user as an Administrator.

But HSS is not populated with this information and the user is still a planner there. Refresh the security for that user and Planning screen will also show that the user is Planner.

Code is not updating HSS database and also it cannot add new users (or I’m using a wrong syntax)

MemberFormula & MemberFormulaSync

Usage: MemberFormulaSync [/A:app1[;app2;app3]] [/R:30]

Going with the word meaning I believe this will synchronize the formulas between two applications.

So I created two Sample Planning application with different formulas and ran this one and it finished and did nothing. Also the usage for both MemberFormula and MemberFormulaSync are the same.


Usage: MenuDefUtil [-f:<passwordFile>] <import/export> <filename/menuname/-all>
<server> <username> <application>

This one helps you to extract Menus as XML files.

I’ll update you all once I have an information on the correct syntax of all the utilities.

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