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This one is on Workspace batch bursting process.
I think you all are aware of Hyperion Financial Reporting Report PDF bursting options.
Some information on batch bursting
The scheduler’s batch bursting feature can run a batch for more than one member of a single dimension on the batch POV for one data source, e-mail the PDFs generated to a recipient list, and save the output to the file system or to the repository. For example, a batch scheduled to run for New York and Houston can have the output for New York going to jones@cd.com and the output for Houston going to smith@cd.com. 

I was once doing a project where in which the client asked for an option where in which they can review the PDF reports and then send it as mail or upload it to Workspace and open it to the users.
I was looking for an option to burst PDF reports into Workspace and found that this option is not available.
You can burst snapshots into an internal Workspace folder, but not PDF.
The challenge is to update the security for more than 2000 reports after each bursting. I had to find an automated way to do this rather than manually opening up each file and adding permission to each file.
There is a BatchDriver API which can upload files from a directory into Workspace. So I combined the option of bursting PDF files into an external directory and then used the BatchDriver API to upload the files into Hyperion Workspace with user permissions.
You can use this file to create the Control File for batch uploading.
Please follow the below given steps to upload file into Workspace
  1. Fill in External folder Path (as per FRConfig.cmd Exportfolder definition)
  2. Fill in Workspace Folder Name (this is the PDF upload location)
  3. Fill in Workspace Folder Name, where the bursting report/book is located
  4. Fill in financial_reporting_object_name separator used in bursting file
  5. Mention whether Hyperion version is pre
Tagging of pre is used to convert spaces to ‘+’. 
Note: There is an issue with the BatchDriver API, where in if there there multiple users/groups access is given for a single file and one of the user/group is a non-existing one, then API doesn’t add any permission.

E.g If Market files are under a folder called PDF reports.

Houston report access was defined in the control file for “John Smith” and “John Who”, where “John Who”  is not existing in Hyperion, “John Smith” won’t get access to Houston Report. I think this should be treated as a bug.

Note: This file wont work for members which are repeated more than 10 times.

For case where a member is repeated more than 10 times.

Copy one “data name” statement and append the accessors from the control file to the end of “data name” statement as shown below.

data name=Report & Name – Hyderabad^path=/Sample Reports/PDF Reports/CeraSoft^file=C:PDFReportsSample+ReportsBursting+BooksReport+%26+NameReport+%26+Name+-+Hyderabad.pdf^perm=accessor13^perm=accessor14^perm=accessor1
Updated 26 – Feb – 2012

EXCEL is updated to handle different naming convention in the bursting file (other than <<MemberName>> and <<FinancialReportingObjectName()>> add that as the PDF Report Name (else add the FR Report name) and select whether it is prefix or suffix.
For e.g.  If financial reporting object name is <<MemberName>> – Financial Results add Financial Results as report name and select suffix.
If only <<MemberName>> is used then keep PDF Report Name as blank  

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