Customizing EPM Workspace 11.1.2 Part I 17

This blog is on how to change the logon images in EPM system. Some call it as de-branding of Oracle EPM Workspace.

I was trying to attempt this after I read a request on ITToolbox and this was straightforward in pre 11 versions.

Oracle has changed the folder structure and mechanisms drastically from 11.1.2 onwards.
EAR/WAR files get deployed when services are started/restarted if any changes are made to them.
So there is no webapp folder or deployments folder. In a sense (if you’ve attempted this in pre 11 releases) the principle remains the same, change the static files and the files under installed app directory. (only difference is there is no installed app directory from 11.1.2 versions!!!!)
You may have to check your licensing agreements to see what all can be customized.
For individual product logon panel changes
This is the image file that show up on the login page of all products.If you want to change individual product logon images, then you’ll have to edit the respective images in respective war/ear files. You can use 7zip or Winrar to achieve this.
I would recommend you to change the default editor in 7zip to a picture editor (like mspaint) and edit the gif file, save the file and update the ear file.
For HSS and Workspace
There is a shared web application (epm-bpmui-shared-webapp) which gets deployed with Shared Services and this is the application which holds logon_panle.gif file information. (Had to re-search a lot to reach this file :)).
You can open bpmui.ear file which is located under <HYPERION_HOME>commonbpmui-common11.1.2.0. Navigate to below given directories and change logon_panel.gif.


Change logon_panel.gif files under these static directories.

For Planning
You can open HyperionPlanning.ear file which is located under <HYPERION_HOME>productsPlanningAppServerInstallableAppsCommon. Navigate to below given directories and change logon_panel.gif.

For WebAnalysis
For some reason this didn’t work for me. In pre 11 version the file was picked up from AnalyzerResource.jar file
I tired changing the image under AnalyzerResource.jarcomhyperionanalyzerimagesanalyzerclient using 7zip and it didn’t work.
If you wish to change Splash images please follow the below given instructions.

For Splash Images
Splash images are the ones which appear next to the “Launch Application” button. (You can see this if you are launching workspace/hss without using index.jsp. i.e. http://servername:portnumber/workspace)
HSS Splash image
In-order to change the Splash image you have to open interop.ear located under <HYPERION_HOME>productsFoundationAppServerInstallableAppscommon(this can be done using 7zip or Winrar).
You can find interop.war under interop.ear, open this file and navigate to the below given directory and change Shared Services_Splash.gif.
interop_WARimagescasShared Services_Splash.gif

WebAnalysis Splash image
You can find WebAnalysis.ear file under <HYPERION_HOME>productsbiplusInstallableApps, open this file and navigate to the below given directory and change analyzerSplash.gif.


You can also change the static file under
Workspace Splash image
You can find WebAnalysis.ear file under
<HYPERION_HOME>productsFoundationworkspaceInstallableApps, open this file and navigate to the below given directory and change SplashScreenSystem9BIPlus.gif
You can also change the static files under
For Theme changes (color changes)

If know how to change css files then you can edit the following files to change the look and feel of explorer window.

Note: If you are not using the Contrast theme, you don’t need to update the files in _hc locations. I also don’t think fusionx theme is used.
Disclaimer: Check your licensing agreements to see what all can be customized.

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Update 08-Sep-2014

I thought I should update this post as many users are trying to follow this instructions for and find that it is not working.

The reason why it is not working is because the image is not picked up from bpmui.war (epm-bpmui-shared-webapp).

It is now coming from workspace.war (workspace.ear) file and that is the reason why it is not picking it from epmstatic folder either.

You can open workspace.ear file which is located under <EPM_ORACLE_HOME>productsFoundationworkspaceInstallableApps.
Navigate to below given directories and change logon_panel.gif.


Update the workspace.ear file and Restart Workspace services.

About Celvin Kattookaran

I’m an EPM Consultant, my primary focus is on Hyperion Planning and Essbase. Some of you from Hyperion Support team might recognize me or have seen my support articles, I was with the WebAnalysis Support Team. I'm an Independent Consultant with “Intekgrate Corporation” based out of Aurora office. I’m from God’s Own Country (Kerala, India), lived in all southern states of India, Istanbul and Johannesburg (and of course United States). I’m core gamer :) and an avid reader. I was awarded Oracle ACE Director for my contributions towards EPM community.

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17 thoughts on “Customizing EPM Workspace 11.1.2 Part I

  • Anonymous

    You can also change the Oracle logo in the upper left corner. I'm using a .bat file to replace the original graphics (Windows):

    replace c:logon_panel.gif d: /s
    replace c:oracleLogo.png d: /s
    replace c:SplashScreenSystem9BIPlus.gif d: /s
    replace c:logon_panel.jpg d: /s

    So far it has done the job on our four webservers.

    I've got another challenge: How to change the heading text that appears in the top bar of the browser?
    I'd like to add the server name in the heading in order to do an easy identification of the server that the user is on (NLB provides a random server).

    Paulo Thrige

  • Anonymous

    I see in <HYPERION_HOME>productsFoundationworkspaceInstallableAppsworkspace.earworkspace.warlaunch.jsp:

    String rstTitle = ConfigHelper.getApplicationName(application);



    Any idea where the "application" variable is stored?


    <script language="javascript">
    begin_fieldset("<%=wkspBundle.getText4Js("launch.title", rstTitle)%>");
    <span><font tabIndex="1">
    This application has been launched in a separate window and can easily be
    re-launched by clicking the "Launch Application…" button below. Please note that
    popup blockers may prevent this application from working properly.</p>

    I also can't find launch.title or launch.description. These used to be in a .properties file. I've extracted workspace.ear and workspace.war locally to search the contents and have come up empty.

  • epmpete

    Thanks this is great, however the Workspace splash image only changed for me when hitting port 28080. What step am I missing to get it working via port 19000 as well? I reconfigured the web server to no avail.

    Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    Hi Celvin,

    Were you able to find out how to change the Banner on top saying "Enterprise Performance Management System Workspace, Fusion Edition". I need to put something else.

    Also, can you let me know how to increase the size of the Oracle logo so that I can put my company's logo.

    Thanks so much…

  • Anonymous

    There is a support article for how to change the topbar of workspace or at least there was until 6 months ago. It applies upto for sure, not sure if after.

    How to Customize the Browser Title Bar for Workspace to Distinguish Two Environments [ID 1157935.1]

  • Senthil

    HI Celvin,

    I am trying to only unzip the workspace.ear and workspace.war files .Then zipped them up again. It has a slight deviation in size .
    The foundation services does not start up fully. WOrkspace page does not show up.
    Instead, if I replace the ear file with the original, it works perfectly fine. I have seen u specified that the level of customization also needs licensing. Could you please elaborate on that. Not sure, I tried, winzip, 7zip , Winrar to extract and zip . Still the same.

    Please assist.


      • Klaus Andersen

        Hi Senthil and Abhi,
        I had same issue as you did at first updating HFM
        Instead of unzip//zip just go to productsFoundationworkspaceInstallableApps.
        and right click the workspace.ear file and in 7-Zip select “Open archive”.
        The you can drill down in workspace.war and open the file that needs changed.
        Save the file and when closing the archive save the archive.
        Then start the Oracle services and it works.
        I did not have to clear tmp folder.
        Hope it works for you as well !

        BR Klaus