Failed to navigate from registry-state.displayName error

I was trying to configure Shared Services (v11.1.2.1) and during the Configure Database option, Oracle database went down and I couldn’t complete the configuration.
So I started the configuration when Oracle came back and got an error while configuring Shared Services database.
Failed to navigate from registry-state.displayName: Error while initializing registry. See logs for more details.
I tried re-configuring HSS database and it was recognizing the database as previously configured, however if I select that option it won’t allow me to proceed.
In the prior versions, I could got to the product_1_config.xml file located under
<Hyperion Drive>:Hyperioncommonconfig9.5.0.0productfoundation9.5.0.0 and change the property to pending and can start again.
<property name=”relationalStorageConfiguration”>Pending</property>

However there is no such xml file from 11.1.2 version onwards :(, I was searching for an option how to re-configure the database.
  1. I can create a new EPM Oracle instance (which I don’t want to do)
  2. Find an option to make the Configurator believe that it is a fresh database configuration
I went with the second option, if you navigate to the config folder
<Hyperion Drive>:OracleMiddlewareuser_projectsepmsystem1configfoundation11.1.2.0, you can find a file called which holds the information about EPM registry. 

I renamed the file (its always good to keep a backup) and started the configurator and voila!!! it allowed me to configure the database. (I made the configurator believe that it is a fresh configuration)

Could save time if you come across this error.

Update 6/6/12

Don’t rename file, please launch EPM System Configurator with the enableRegTask option: 

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Navigate to EPM_ORACLE_HOME/common/config/version_number
  3. Launch configtool.bat|.sh -enableRegTask
  4. On the “Shared Services and Registry Database Configuration” page, select Connect to a previously configured Shared Services database and re-enter the database connection information.


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0 thoughts on “Failed to navigate from registry-state.displayName error

  • Venkata Apparao S

    Celvin – Disabling of Configure database task in this version (11.1.2.x) was intended behavior as oracle don't want the users to corrupt/re-configure the database once it was configured successfully (This was confirmed from ORACLE support Engineer in a issue), but still if there is a need to re-configure the database oracle has provided an option for in the form of "Identifier options" while running the config tool. One such option is "enableRegTask" (In previous versions it was Forceregistry option) if u run the config tool with this option this will allows the config tool to Enable the "config database" option.
    Renaming the was not a good option in this version as this will truncate/ignore all previous components that were configured to the HSS…this will result in a re-configuration of all the components again.

  • Celvin Kattookaran

    Wow Venkata, thank you for sharing this information. In my case I just started fresh and no products are registered with HSS. Matter of fact HSS itself is not configured correctly.

    I was not aware of this one. (not sure whether it would have helped me)

    I've updated the blog accordingly