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I was going through a question posted in LinkedIn Oracle Hyperion Financial Reports API?
The person who raised the question was looking for a way to bypass the not so user friendly Financial Reporting Studio.
I always wish that FR Studio had
  • Undo
  • Copy (works many times, but buggy)
  • Cut and Insert
So I thought of using the very friendly EXCEL to create FR reports (part of this research was to answer the query of creating a report with more than 400 rows).
It is a tedious process to create report in FR if you have lot of rows. So the tool helps you use all EXCEL functionality of Cut, Copy, Paste and with the click of a button it’ll generate the required XML of the FR report.
  1. Create a dummy report with columns required for the original report. (The tool right now is designed to create rows only).
  2. Export the report and save the .des file.
  3. Make a note of the following – You can find these information from the 3rd line of .des file

    • SERVER – Essbase server name
    • APPNAME 
    • DBNAME
    • TYPE – Essbase/Planning


  4. Click Create FR XML

    • How many rows are required?
    • How many columns are present in the report?
    • Whether the current row is a Data/Text/Formula row
    • Member name and Selection method (Children, Parent,….)


  5. Copy the generated xml and paste the information into .des file (from line 7 <GRIDOBJECT ALIASTABLE=”” till <GRIDAXIS AXISNAME=”Column”)
  6. Save .des file and import the report into Workspace
I created a dummy report with a single row and 3 columns (these are my required columns)

Sample FR .des file (before change)


I exported the report and filled in all required information in EXCEL.
After the XML file was generated, I copied the xml file and replaced the contents of my dummy report (from line 7 <GRIDOBJECT ALIASTABLE=”” till <GRIDAXIS AXISNAME=”Column”)
Save .des file and import the file into Workspace. Open the report in FR studio and make the cosmetic changes (like formatting)
You can download the tool from here. This is tested on version

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