Variable limitations in Calc Manager 3

This post is about a limitation of limit 🙂

Why it took so long to write this one

I don’t why I didn’t write this one earlier after posting about Variable limitations in Calc Manager 1 and 2 (you can find them here and here. This was there in my drafts for almost an year)

There is a reason (rather two) why this one came back to my mind. 

Reason 1
One sleepless night I was running an analysis (on my blog) and found that Mr.Cameron Lackpour is referring one of my post in his blog about Calc Manager (Moment of pride, joy,……)

I was glad that I could help someone whom I admire.

Reason 2
I got a comment from Mr.Brian Francis saying telling me that the post about Variable limitations in Calc manager 2 probably saved hundreds of other people’s many hours of frustration.

I think I did lot of self praising today and should start with this post. 😉

This one came as an accidental discovery. I was doing a project with Mr.Joe Cajic and I wanted to prove him wrong 🙂

Joe if you are reading this then I would like to tell you that, now I don’t owe you any dinner 😉

Many of us are familiar with “Limits” in HBR variables and the similar concept is followed in Calc Manager.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you are setting limits for a variable – Variable should show only those members which starting with a 2. 
Easier way to do this run a search in the member selector panel for 2*

It’ll return all the members* (the window shows that I selected 100 items) which starts with a 2. Fortunately (for all of us) I didn’t do it this way, I went to pull the members using SmartView. (Why I took that approach, I still don’t know)
Let’s look at what SmartView Member selection returns, it returned a whopping count of 12468 members!!!!!!
That’s the limitation of limit (Member search is returning only 100 items)

I checked this in and unfortunately the search function is returning only 100 items.

If you’ve applied limits using the search feature in Calc Manager (Member Selection), go back and make sure that the limits are correct.
An easier way to get this done (if your search returns more than 100 members), create a dummy webform in Planning and perform the same search. (Yes it works fine everywhere except Calc Manager)
Copy the member list from webform and use that in Calc Manager limits

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