SET EMPTYMEMBERSETS – Surprises in Essbase Part I

I couldn’t think about anything other than “Suprises in Essbase”.

I was working on a Calculation Script and all on a sudden it started behaving weird. (I know that “weird”, “strange” all are strong words)

The feeling was like someone telling you that Baa Baa Black Sheep is having only a bag full of wool!!!!

Coming back to our surprise, I was working on a script were I was using @ATTRIBUTE function and it has EMPTYMEMBERSET command to stop the calculation where it hits a “EMPTYMEMBERSET” (isn’t that kind of obvious). 

The script was running for long time than expected and I started investigating.

I know that, I’m not getting some of the attributes and I was not expecting Essbase to run the calc for those FIXes.

I ended up googling and landed hereI thought of not to re-iterate what Cameron has written there, however what followed made me wrote this.

I fixed my script, added NESTED FIXs and now the problem is solved.

Now you would be imagining why I wrote this much where I could have said. “Hey guys look at what Cameron has posted about EMPTYMEMBERSETS” and here is the reason.

I talked to someone about the problem and he/she replied saying “No buddy I’ve used it all the time and I didn’t face such an issue.”

Then I realized……

Some of us don’t know the effect of hitting an empty member set (How it’ll *****-up the data?) when it not ON.

Some of us don’t know that for EMPTYMEMBERSET we shouldn’t be combining members in FIX. (I fall under this)

This is a bigger problem (or highly overlooked SET command) if you are a Planning developer.

I’ve seen many people using @IDESCENDNATS({RuntimePrompt}) in FIXes. It’s not a misspell that command works, more on that in next post.

What will happen if the user select a level 0 member as the prompt then it’ll be similar to the calc given below.

“100-10” was selected by the user from the prompt. I’ve not included EMPTYMEMBERSET here and see the result of the calc!!!!

Yes it populated entire Product dimension with a 1!!!!! 

Ohhhhh so that’s the effect of not using EMPTYMEMBERSET!!!!! (I think the issue drove me crazy I’m mocking reactions)

If you think that there could be a chance of empty set use the SET command. (Use it wisely)

Also remember to use Nested IFs while using SET EMPTYMEMBERSETS ON; command.



After publishing I realized that this is my 100th post!!!!!

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