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For all those who are following this blog, I really apologize for not updating this blog.

I was on a vacation and missed the update about “World is not ending.” Glad that we all survived the Mayan apocalypse 🙂

Hope you all had a rocking New Year. My daughter had her “puppy” New Year cake and she learned the word “Happy”. (I figured out after some days that she is calling a “cake” as “happy”).

You might be thinking why this is titled as “Essbase Origins”, I’m a big fan of Hugh Jackman and I like X-men Origins :). (I couldn’t find a better title for this one.)

This New Year I received a surprise gift and this blog is about that gift. I believe many of us (in our early Essbase days) might have googled for “Essbase” and read about it in Wiki.

However till now I was not aware of “Who created Essbase?”, “What went behind naming it “Essbase?”.

I know it stands for Extended Spreadsheet Database but didn’t know there were names like “S-base”, “Number Buddy” and “eSSbase” in consideration.

Here is the answer to all those questions – (I would like you all to read till the end of this thread)

I wish I was the person who started that thread!!!!!

“Who created Essbase?” and the person who created it, “Bob Earle” replying “It’s great to see the product still in use and liked after so many years”. (That would be my dream come true moment 🙂 ).

Bob, that is really an understatement and this product is here to stay.

So anyone interested in knowing about Hyperion can visit this link –

I was searching for “Hyperion Spiderman” and now I know the answer 🙂

The first blog in 2013 and I wish I could provide more insights, more solutions, more tricks……

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