Essbase Studio Custom SQL error “No mapping found for class”

Maybe you’ve seen this error while updating custom SQLs of an Essbase Studio Model.

Error in the external procedure ‘getConnectionByModelSettings’. Line = 81.

No mapping found for class : ‘system”sysMODStore”MFF_GEN2_DUMMY’.’caption’.

We (a colleague of mine, Ashok Shikhare and me)were getting this error when we tried to update the custom SQL of an existing Essbase model in Studio. 
We tried to search for MFF_GEN2 to see if that is a reserved word and hit nothing!!!!! after lot of search and re-search we finally came up with this.
“The model is corrupted or out-of-sync”. 
First step was to synchronize the data sources (We didn’t want to believe that the models were corrupt) and again we hit the same error!!!!
Since we had 12 models and we didn’t like the idea of re-creating all of them. I think if it was one then we would have re-created it and solved the issue 🙂
So we took our “jadoo ki chadi” (for the rest, it is “the magical wand”) and did a simple magic!!!!! 🙂

Everything in the Essbase properties looked fine, except for the outline order.
Measures (Accounts) dimension was coming first and then it was followed by a sparse member, then followed by dense member!!!!
We then arranged it to follow the hour glass model (oh yes that name pops-up anytime and all the time) and voila!!!!!
The issue was resolved. However that change made the model go out-of-sync
So we did a synchronization of Cube Schema and to our surprise the outline order was changed again!!!!
I couldn’t find a reason why it is changing the order, maybe because our model had a sparse dimension called “Account” and it was always pushing that dimension just after “Measures” dimension. Not sure whether this is a common behavior in
So if you came across this error, check for the outline order.

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  • Sanjoy

    Hi Celvin

    Absolutely fantastic post and great help. Without this post this would have taken me may be a few days … you (your post) is my saviour