EPM installation

Quick sneak peek on the new features of installer.
First noticeable difference is about configuring databases of all products in a single shot (I really like this change, earlier version you’ve to do this 1 by 1)
You can now configure EPMA dimension server.
You can now configure Planning RMI server.
After configuring I was looking at the services panel and figured out this one. (all start with “Oracle” now)
Configuration Manger still holds the record for “World’s longest service name” 🙂
Update May 1st 2013

I installed on a fresh image and see that Display name of Configuration Manager is changed to “Oracle Hyperion Configuration Manager” however service name is still the same (old long name, so I’m correct in saying “World’s longest service name”)

For some reason Essbase was not showing up in HSS (however the configuration didn’t show any error messages. I went and looked into Essbase logs and found this error.

[Wed May 01 14:19:05 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///1600/Error(1051549)
Can not convert Essbase to Shared Services mode when Essbase is not configured with Shared Services or the initialization process has failed

[Wed May 01 14:19:05 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///1600/Warning(1056822)

Failed to migrate Essbase to HSS security mode during startup. Check SharedServices_Security_client.log. May need to remove essbase.sec and any of the newly migrated Essbase applications from HSS, then rerun configuration tool.

What I did was to delete the SEC file and start Essbase. This will automatically migrate the users to HSS.

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051458)
User/Group hierarchy Check Starts …

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051459)

User/Group hierarchy Check Completed Successfully and application Migration to Shared Services Starts …

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051654)

Application Migration to Shared Services Completed Successfully and Retrieval of Provider Names Starts …

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051460)

Retrieval of Provider Names Completed Successfully and Group Migration Starts …

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051461)

Group Migration to Shared Services Completed Successfully and User Migration to Shared Services Starts …

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051407)

User/Group [admin@Native Directory] Has been successfully migrated to Shared Services Server

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051462)

User Migration to Shared Services Completed Successfully and Refresh from Shared Services Starts …

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1051463)

Refresh from Shared Services Completed Successfully

[Wed May 01 15:24:39 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///4956/Info(1056798)

Security file write started by SYSTEM

About Celvin Kattookaran

I’m an EPM Consultant, my primary focus is on Hyperion Planning and Essbase. Some of you from Hyperion Support team might recognize me or have seen my support articles, I was with the WebAnalysis Support Team. I'm an Independent Consultant with “Intekgrate Corporation” based out of Aurora office. I’m from God’s Own Country (Kerala, India), lived in all southern states of India, Istanbul and Johannesburg (and of course United States). I’m core gamer :) and an avid reader. I was awarded Oracle ACE Director for my contributions towards EPM community.

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0 thoughts on “EPM installation

  • Anonymous

    Cool….you will always be the first few to catch them…thanks for sharing it…as always. ..all the best…

    Cheers, Bakul.

  • Anonymous

    great.could you please tell me how to unzip the files into one location.I tried with normal Unzip and 7zip, but no luck.while installing it is not showing all the products can be installed.

  • Anonymous

    I have installed in my machine. Unfortunately i have windows 8 as my OS and IIS 8 is the default. It looks EPMA does not support IIS 8 and getting error while configuring epma dimension server. Do you see any workaround to make EPMA operational when IIS 8 is there

  • Unknown

    Hi Celvin, good morning.
    My name is Railton Santana, and I'm studing about the Hyperuion Planning.
    I'm trying install the Hyperion Planning and I did the download to packages:
    – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Part 1
    – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Part 2
    – EPM System Release Part 3
    – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Part 4
    – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Part 5
    – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Part 6
    – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Part 7
    – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Oracle HTTP Server
    – Oracle Identity Management 11g Patch Set 6 ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)

    So, according the documentation, to my licence "Hyperion Planning Plus" I would use only this packeges (excetps part 7). I have a doubt about the order from my intalation. Have I extrat to only one folder the packeges 1 until 6? Or Have I extract together the packages " – EPM System Release for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Oracle HTTP Server
    – Oracle Identity Management 11g Patch Set 6 ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)"?

    Thanks for you attentions.


  • Nauman Mirza

    Celvin how ru ? I am regular viewer of your blog it always shows me light when i am in a dark room :), Brother i need your help i am wondering on web since last one week but unable to get appropriate answer.Now situation is this ,i have installed OBIEE 11.1.7 on my 64 bit Windows with Oracle Database 11gR2. it is working smoothly . Now i need to integrate OBIEE with Essbase , i dont know what i have to do , there are so many question in my mind
    (1)Should i install Complete Suite of Oracle EPM or just Oralce Essbase Database
    (2) If Oracle Essbase installation solves my problem then what are the steps and pre-requisites?
    I ll be very thankful to you, waiting for your responce.
    Nauman Hameed Mirza

  • Anonymous

    Hi Celvin. Good morning.
    Firstly I would like to thanks you to answered me on my last question.
    I have another doubt about Hyperion Planning. I get it install the Hyperion on my server. I am able log in WebLogic Server, but when I try add a new Essbase server show me a message "Error: 1042006: Network error [111]: Failed to connect to ["MYSERVER":1423]" "Error: 1030818: Login failed. Please check if server and port are correct. If you received timeout or handshake failure, please check if you tried to connect to secure port without secure keyword or clear port with secure keyword".
    Is there some log or file that I have to check or configure. I installed on Linux Suse.

    Thanks for your help.



  • Keith Boggier

    Thanks for posting this – it helped me out of a jam i was in. i don't know why it didn't set itself up correctly during the initial configuration but deleting the SEC file worked. Note that you need to shut down all the services not just the essbase service (OPMN).

  • Anonymous


    I have Oracle & OBIEE installed on my machine. I want to install Essbase to install on same machine. I have already downloaded it. Do I need to take any precaution while installing EPMA regarding performance of box or need to keep any back up ?

  • TimG

    Just had this same scenario (Essbase not going in to SS security mode, but no install or config errors) in This post saved me a bunch of time – thanks!