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I’ve worked on projects where I’ve created documents on the layout of Hyperion Financial reports (what is in Row, Column, Page,….), however was it was interesting to see the same question get applied on Planning.
OP (there was a question on network54) was looking at extracting Grid properties and I got it wrong :).
However it was a nice exercise to pull the Webform information and see everything without going into each Webform. (There was a question posted in OTN which dealt with the “How to extract Page/POV/Row/Column information of Planning Webform)
Here it is

Run this query against your Planning application repository
select d.object_name “Form Name”, b.object_name “Member Name”,c.subst_var “Variable”,
(CASE a.objdef_type
     WHEN 0 THEN ‘POV’
     WHEN 1 THEN ‘Page’
     WHEN 2 THEN ‘Row’
     WHEN 3 THEN ‘Column’
     ELSE ‘Unknown’
   END) “Layout”,
(CASE c.query_type
     WHEN 8 THEN ‘Descendants’
     WHEN 9 THEN ‘IDescendants’
     WHEN 3 THEN ‘Ancestors’
     WHEN 4 THEN ‘IAncestors’
     WHEN 12 THEN ‘Siblings’
     WHEN 13 THEN ‘ISiblings’
     WHEN 21 THEN ‘Parents’
     WHEN 22 THEN ‘IParents’
     WHEN 5 THEN ‘Children’
     WHEN 6 THEN ‘IChildren’
     WHEN -9 THEN ‘ILvl0Descendants’
     WHEN 0 THEN ‘Member’  
     ELSE ‘Unknown’
   END) “Selection Method”
hsp_formobj_def a,
hsp_object b,
hsp_formobj_def_mbr c,
hsp_object d
where a.objdef_id=c.objdef_id
and c.mbr_id=b.object_id
and a.form_id=d.object_id order by 1 asc;
How it looks



Seems like this is an in built capability (sigh, you discover that there is an easy way to achieve it rather than writing all the queries) you do not need to do this the SQL way.
Go to Tools -> Reports -> Forms (Earlier releases Administration -> Reporting)

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