NUMSys – Native User Management System for Shared Services

I always wondered
“Why can’t we export only a set of users/groups from Shared Services?”
“Why was it removed?” considering that it was there in 9.3 version (CSSExportImport util, where you can specify a filter in the properties file).
The same doubt was shared by Shiva in this thread and Nicholas King and Shiva gave us a cool hack to filter groups and users.
In you can filter users/groups by editing the Export.xml as given below.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
    <User name=”” password=””/>
        <Source type=”FileSystem” filePath=”/HSS-Shared Services”/>
        <Target type=”Application” product=”HUB” project=”Foundation” application=”Shared Services”/>
        <Artifact recursive=”false” parentPath=”/Native Directory” pattern=”Groups”/>
        <Artifact recursive=”false” parentPath=”/Native Directory” pattern=”Users”/>
You can add the below lines into Import.xml to specify the import operation.
<Options option=”operation” Value=”create”/>
I tried the hack on and found that it’s not working in
I was thinking about a way to export users/groups from Shared Services and started exploring Shared Services User Management API (for the first time) and it ate a lot of my personal time.
I would like to thank my wife for her advises on the UI and of course for her patience 🙂
Apologies to Jason Jones for not testing HUMA.
Now you might be wondering, why we need this when Shared Services is already there.
This is not a replacement for Shared Services, it just happen to have some features which can make a developer’s life easier 🙂
It has an interface where you can filter users/groups while exporting.
It has an interface where you can document about users, groups and group children.
It has an interface where you can add a bunch of native users.
It has an interface where you can modify a bunch of native users.
Wish list 
These are the things I wish that I could have added to the tool. Maybe I’ll add these to another version.
  • Command line interface
  • Interface for bulk group addition with group assignment
  • Use multiple filters (give me users that start with “C” or “R”)
  • Option to set filters on first name, last name, email and description (right now you can only filter user/group ids)
  • Ability to export encrypted password (Shared Services API is not allowing password export)
  • Option to enforce password strength
  • Add external directory users to groups
You can download NUMSys from here.

Linux users
  • Documentation mode exports user/group report as an rtf file, copy the files to a windows system or install OpenOffice
  • Provide write and execute access to all files under NUMSys directory
I would love to hear back from you.
P.S Use the contact button in “About NumSys” menu

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