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It all started from here and I ended up writing them in the reverse order

Better late than never 🙂 I was planning to write something about my big change (moving to a new city and new firm) and decided to postpone that to next year. I picked an easy one because of the lack of time. (moving is not easy)

2014 is near and I hope the New Year brings us more joy and happiness (and more exciting stuff from Oracle).

This is similar to running MaxLs/Batch files in Workspace, trick is to create a generic job application. I think if you figure out a way to create a job application you can pretty much run most of the things in Workspace.

Here is how it is done

Follow the steps given below, and you can run VB scripts in Workspace.

Step 1: Create a batch file for launching VB Scripts

Create a batch file as given below and store that under biplus folder (E:OracleMiddlewareEPMSystem11R1productsbiplus)

Step 2: Create a Job Application

Create a generic job application as shown below. (Navigate -> Administer -> Reporting and Analysis -> Generic Job Applications)

  • Provide a Product Name (this is the name that shows up as Job Factory Application) when importing a job.
  • Select Product Host. (This is the Workspace server)
  • Type $PROGRAM $PARAMS, you can also click the buttons to insert Command Template.
  • Provide the Executable as full path to the bat file that you created. (in my case it is E:OracleMiddlewareEPMSystem11R1productsbiplusRun_VBS_File.bat)
Step 3: Import a VB Script

  • Import a VB Script into Workspace as a job. (Import file as job)

  • Check “Import as Generic Job” check box.

  • Select the newly created Job Application and click Finish.
Step 4: Run the job

You can now execute the VB Script by double clicking on it or right click -> Run as Job
Provide a path for output and click “Run”

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