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I’m not a big fan of performing customization at a client side. However you’ll find that I’ve written a handful of posts about customizing Workspace and Planning.

I’ll explain why I still write posts about customization in a while.

With the new ADF release most of the Planning customizations (ValidateData.js, Grid Spread) are going away (they might come back later, who knows).

How about the form given below, isn’t is nice to have the headers stand out? (I would love to get a different formatting according to the levels in hierarchy)

Form with bold header

I did a little bit of research and figured out that it is possible. (Ok it is not possible to do selective formatting, but something is better than nothing Winking smile) Starting from you can customize the style of header cells!!!!!!

Sounds fun isn’t it? (Now you know why I write posts about customization, it is fun Winking smile)

Before you start performing the steps, remember to take a backup of HyperionPlanning.ear file

Changing header for all forms

If you like to change the style of header for all forms, then you can follow the steps below.
Open HyperionPlanning.ear file under <EPM_ORACLE_HOME>productsPlanningAppServerInstallableAppsCommon using 7Zip.

7zip ear

Open HyperionPlanning.war file in HyperionPlanning.ear file and navigate to custom folder

7zip war

1.    Create a class in HspCustom.css as given below.




2.    Create a file called trinidad-skins.xml as given below.

<skins xmlns=””>
3.    Add trinidad-skins.xml to HyperionPlanning.warWEB-INF

4.    Update the file with the changes.
5.    Redeploy the application server.
6.    Restart the application server and clear the browser cache.

7.    Add a new application property called SKIN_FAMILY ( Administration -> Application -> Properties)
      Set the property value to reference the custom skin “HspCustom”

Manage Properties

9.    Log out, and then log in.

Changing header for one form

In order to change the header of one single form, we’ve to first get the ID of the form. You can query Planning application relational database and get the ID from there.

Select object_id AS FORM_ID,object_name AS FORM_NAME from hsp_object where
object_name like ‘Plan Revenue – COS’;

Class in HspCustom.css will now look similar to the one given below.




Follow the steps from 2 on-wards.

Once you log back, you can see the changes.

only one form with bold header

Form with bold header color

For the record, I did try playing around with ADF and Trinidad skinning, however none of them worked. It’s good to get back column level (colheader_0, colheader_1 etc etc) customization back.

Let’s hope someone is listening.

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