Export/Query Batch Scheduler details

Someone asked this question in OTN and the generic answer was not it is not available.
I knew that we could generate it. I had a reason to believe so – it shows up in Workspace. Right click on the batch and look at Show Details – there it is.

However it took me a while to get this done. I tried to explore something new 😉 (I was looking to add a stylesheet to XML file and generate the output)

The details are captured in an XML, (oh forgot to mention that Batch Scheduler adds an entry to a table called FR_SCHEDULER_DATA)

and stored in the XML column. The question was how to return those values.

I looked at the XML file (by editing it in SQL Developer) and found that it has the start time and end time (which proves my theory).

<jobstatusmessage INDEX="0" KEY="4106" LF="true">
<parameters PARAMCOUNT="2">
<parameter PARAMETERINDEX="0" PARAMTYPE="String" PARAMVALUE="&quot;My Sample Reports/Batches/Management Pack 1&quot;"/>
<parameter PARAMETERINDEX="1" PARAMTYPE="Date" PARAMVALUE="1402955727248"/>

PARAMVALUE is in Epoch Date.

Since it is an XML file, I was thinking about using EXtensible Stylesheet Language. Here is what I got after creating the XSL file.

It looks great , however not that usable, because you’ll have to extract the XML from table, create a file for each job – it is not easy.

I’m not a good SQL programmer and it took me a while (google ;)) to get a code which can achieve what is needed.


The below given SQL will extract a scheduled batch’s name, it’s status, start time and end time.

 WHEN '2' THEN 'Successful'
 WHEN '3' THEN 'Error'
 WHEN '4' THEN 'Running'
 END as Status,
 timestamp '1970-01-01 00:00:00' + numtodsinterval(extractValue(value(x),'//PARAMETER/@PARAMVALUE')/1000,'second') as Time
 table(xmlsequence(extract(xmltype(XML,1),'//PARAMETER[@PARAMTYPE="Date"]'))) x;

Here is what it looks like

If you see two timings reported against a batch 1st is the start time and 2nd is the end time.

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