How to sort Planning Webform folders

Merry Christmas and to those who are not celebrating, Happy Holidays
It is hard to type without two fingers 🙁 So I’ll make this short. Oh, I cut two of my fingers within two weeks time frame, so it is an eventful vacation.
I’ve often heard this question about sorting webform folders. I’m not sure why this feature has not made into Planning yet.
There are different ways to achieve sorting of Webforms (1st the supported way and the next – the unsupported way).
Supported/Oracle recommended way
1. Export existing forms.
2. Create the folders in the order you need
3. Import the forms back
There were times where I couldn’t make this work. I guess it was because I was not doing it right 🙁
Just for kicks 🙂 I was looking for an option to see whether this can be achieved in an easier way.
What I’m going to describe below is an unsupported way, continue at your own risk 😉
1st step is to find out the object_id and the position of the folders
1. Object_id and position of the folders

You can use the above given SQL for that purpose.
Let’s say the client want to make Forecast as last folder.
You can go the supported route and import the forms back, or you can update the position of Forecast.
Commit the changes and restart the services. Ta da
I’ll be seeing you next year, so Happy New Year in advance.
Hope to see the Rise of Hybrid next year. (can’t wait long)

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