released and first impressions

Today got released!!!!!
I was eagerly waiting for this release. However I don’t think I’m as excited after installing it.
Couple of changes, the world’s largest service name is no longer there. Installer won’t prompt for your support id anymore.
Workspace gets new look and feel (more Fusion feel)
New feature in Shared Services, where you can run provisioning report for a user by right clicking the user.
You can run diagnostics information in Planning
There are multiple artifacts available for monitoring. I ran diagnostics for Forms and found that it is is giving a status report.
You can search for specific forms.
What is not providing is how the form got a “Good” rating.
However “Grid Diagnostics” provides bit more information for forms.
This one has information on Load time, How many Unsuppressed Columns/Rows are there in the form, How many pages and What was the load time. That is a good information 🙂
I did see Custom Styles.
I did see Smart View saying there is a new version ( out there. However couldn’t Smart View page still shows
I couldn’t figure out where SandBox is so I decided to use the help file and seems like either help file is not updated or it is not there 🙁
No sandboxing (or I’m sleepy, maybe it is there and I cannot find it)
I didn’t see Valid Combinations, I didn’t see saving EXCEL formulas back to Planning.
Oh my god, I’m sleepy.
Will update you all later 🙂
Update 02/06/2015
I had to perform an uninstall and noticed that the uninstaller takes a bottom up approach. Foundation Services is the last one to be uninstalled. I’ve not uninstalled prior versions (11.1.2.x) and not sure when this change was introduced.

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