CloudMap – your integration mapping system

It is very unusual of me to write a blog while I’m attending a conference, I know my older brother can even do a real-time blogging 🙁

This post will introduce you to a quick tool that was built for integration between cloud and on-prem systems.

Beta is now working for Salesforce to PBCS integration. I’ll be planning to add more CloudMaps for PBCS to Salesforce and other CRM/on-prem systems in a later release.

Installing CloudMap

CloudMap can be installed in 3 clicks

Checks whether EXCEL is running, it’ll allow you to close EXCEL and resume the installation.

By default CloudMap gets installed to C:HuronUtilsCloudMap

Using CloudMap

You can configure Salesforce and PBCS connection information in Options. This is going away and login information will now appear in the task pane. (more Smart Viewish)

Change SOQL for data pull, mention the Datacolumn field.

If there are extra dimensions in PBCS, you can add them in Header Definition.

Select the job to run for the data update. This will show all the jobs from your PBCS environment.

That’s it!!!!!!! The data can will be pulled from Salesforce and updated in PBCS.

Similar way MetaData (Customers) can be updated from Salesforce.

You can update upto 3 dimensions!!!

The dimensions and jobs are pulled from PBCS.

I’ll be changing the look and feel to make it more aligned to Smart View in the future releases.

Here is the integration point from PBCS.

If you’ve ideas, please let me know and I can try adding that to the product.

CloudMap uses REST API for the integration, so no more EPM Automate 🙂

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