NUMSys Web Edition + Essbase Security Viewer + Workspace Access Viewer

NUMSys is getting closer to the idea of security viewer.

The latest version of NUMSys comes with two new components.

  • Tree Viewer for groups.
  • Workspace Reports
Tree Viewer

Mike Henderson pitched this to me in a Network54 forum post and I had to struggle a bit to get this one working. (Mainly because I was not looking at the right spot, I would like to thank my Wife for pointing me to the right direction)
You can expand to view the child users/groups of a parent, also you can view their provisioning information.
You can do that by selecting a user/group

I’ve also provided an option to view the Indirect Access.

In the below example “Carol” don’t have a direct access given to her. She inherits that from a group.

It is an easier way to look at “nested groups”

Workspace Reports

I’ve struggled a lot while documenting Workspace objects, the options available to you are open each folder and then look at the permissions. Same applies in case of documenting object types in Workspace.

You can collapse unwanted columns. A starting folder location can be specified to run the reports.

NUMSys now allows you to generate reports

  1. Find out all Object Types in Workspace (like FR books, FR reports, FR text object, et al)
  2. Find out all Unknown Object Types
  3. Generate a report for all repository object starting from a folder location. This comes in handy if you need full path, created, modified date of objects under a folder
You can expand and collapse folder to view/hide underlying objects.
All Object Types Report

This report will provide you a list of all object types in workspace and their count. It is easier to now look at “How many FR reports I’ve have?”
Unknown Object Types Report

This report will provide you a list of all unknown objects, their path and count.
Repository Object Report

This report will provide you with a list of all repository object under a folder. You can also use filters on object types.
Access Control Reports

You can export the object access from Workspace.
The generated report will contain the type of the file, it’s path and access information.
You can also use filters to restrict user/group pull.
The installer issue with Linux machines is also fixed with the new version.
You can download NUMSys from here
Documentation can be found here

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