Using Attributes along with Suppress Missing options in PBCS

KScope16 was great. I should admit that I couldn’t attend many sessions and I’m definitely going to watch the recorded videos.
I met old friends, made some new friends.
I would like to thank all of you for the nice words about my blog. I’m glad that someone is reading it and it is making your life easier.
As I was at KScope enjoying the speaker reception there was a question about using Attribute dimension on the forms. As you are aware you can now use Attribute dimensions on forms, use that in Page/Row/Columns.
I know (and Oracle) too that there is a bug which prevents to use Suppress missing (rows/columns) when attributes are present in the form. Now that is a deal breaker isn’t it.
Chris Rothermel and me were so interesting in trying out a suggestion given by Shankar Viswanathan (I just happen to have an early release of 16.07 in June). People were staring at us and made fun of us for working during a reception, but hey that’s what we do isn’t it 😉
So here is the nice trick to use Attributes along with suppress missing options in PBCS 16.07
1. Create a User variable and select the Attribute dimension as “Dimension”
2. Use the User variable in Row/Column, as you can see I’ve suppression turned on. (also you can see now attribute dimensions can be selected just like any other dimension)
3. Enable dynamic user variables
That’s it you are all set. I can choose an attribute and edit my numbers!!!
You need to perform the above given steps, if you are entering data using attributes. You don’t need any of these if you are just looking at data for analysis purposes.

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