PBCS Quick Tip – Migration 6

This is a quick tip, I struggled at this one and thought of giving you all a quick tip (so that you don’t make the mistake I made)

I was trying to move TEST to Prod and what I want was a clean import, so I went into my Prod instance and deleted the application.

Now if you are on SUI, then that is “hidden” under “Console”


Once I deleted the application, there is no option to upload the TEST snapshot. All I got was this, so I was planning to create a shell application and then get into Console and upload the file.

Well you don’t have to do that. Click on the 3 lines near “Oracle” (oh the same place where “Navigator” is hidden, the 3 lines near Oracle in PBCS is actually a menu) and you’ll find an option called “Migration”

When you click on it, it’ll allow you to upload the snapshot.

Upload your TEST snapshot and “Import” the application.

Well that was quick 🙂

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