Essbase Member Operation Utility – Change Data Storage based on levels

This is an update to Essbase Member Operation Utility change data storage option. My big brother from completely different set of parents gave me this idea almost 3 months back (yeah it became pretty busy) and I kind of ignored it ;).

Now that I’m on my own and I’m working on a project which involves a POC work on making an existing Planning application Hybrid, now you might ask why change the store based on levels. The utility can already perform this – if you give a parent name, it can change the storage type of all the descendents (except level0s).Why why why????

Here comes the beauty of Hybrid(or I should say the limitation right now with Hybrid), cross dim to a parent member will break Hybrid and will switch to BSO world and that could be really (I really mean it, really really) slow. The trick is to make the parent members of those sparse dimensions store. There could be some calculations which can use let’s say 2nd level ansestor value (ah now you see it), why this update you can provide the parent name, storage and level number (as shown below) and off you go 🙂


This is a comma seperated file (I’m using a VI editor to show the contents)

You can still use the old format (changing everything under a parent)


You can encrypt all the parameters


Copy the Encrypted Text and paste in the script.


Same steps can be followed on windows machine too.

Run the bat/sh file

sh execution.png

There you go all the level 1 parent’s storage property changed to “Store”

You can download the new version for here 

Documentation is available at

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