PBCS Quick Tip – How to delete members/shared members in an automated way 6

You might have already seen this when you update metadata, the shared members won’t move like the regular members.


Let’s look at Vision Application in PBCS. You can see the shared hierarchy and the regular one.


Now I’m going to create a metadata load file which will move 110 under 100 to 403. Also what I want to do is to move the shared member 110 under Resources VP to Sales VP. Let’s see what happens.

Let’s import this file and see what happens


After import



There it did move the regular member not the shared, what it did was to add another shared member. So how can be solve this, all you’ve to do is remind yourself that PBCS is Planning (atleast at heart), all the laws of physics apply here too. There are some things that you feel that everyone knows about it and when I received a call asking how can it be done and I decided to blog about it 🙂


You can create an extra column in the metadata file called Operation (aha, now you see that you can use all OutlineLine.cmd options) and delete the shared hierarchy.


Here is how my metadata file looks.

Here is the hierarchy after load.



Keep in mind that there is no option or there is no DeleteSharedDescendants.cmd available for PBCS, so if you’ve Stored members and you use Delete Descendants those will be deleted and you’ll lose data. So use it with caution


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6 thoughts on “PBCS Quick Tip – How to delete members/shared members in an automated way

  • Pratik

    Hello Celvin,

    Could you help me with one query?

    I have one BSO cube wherein all my forms reside. The forms have line items row-wise.
    Suppose I have a row named ‘rate of interest’ in a form X and I am the owner of this form.
    There another form Y with a different owner and among all other rows, the form also has a row named ‘rate of interest’ which draws its row values (for months – jan, feb, mar, etc) from the values in form X.

    I want to input the values in row in Form X and then the same values to reflect in the corresponding row in Form Y

    Is this possible? If yes, how?