Kscope17 – a week full of fun and learning

Kscope17 is done!! One part of me always wants this conference to get extended for more than a week and then another part says I won’t be able to handle extreme technical overdose ;).

If you are someone who has not attended this excellent conference, you should attend it, and it is going to be at Disney world, Orlando next year. Another reason to attend huh?

Here are some pictures from the event and after the event.

I think no other slide could have done justice to on-premises :). This was from Matt Bradley’s EPM Sunday Symposium.

Cameron’s and Natalie’s Kscope 10th Anniversary celebration. It was ODTUG’s 20th Birthday.

Now don’t ask what happened there ;). It was a session where Cameron and Tim talked about OAC aka Essbase cloud.

Oracle ACE Dinner – Kevin McGinley, Stewart Bryson, Jennifer Nicolson (who runs the Oracle ACE Program), Ricardo and Rodrigo (the Brazilians as we fondly call them), Tracy Mcmullen, Opal Alapat, Michael Rainey, and Heli from Finland (ok these three are there in the picture 😉 )

Pete (the hippy Aussie guy 😉 ) and Cameron (the polished Big Brother from an entirely different set of parents) presenting Hybrid Essbase. Pete won the best speaker from Essbase track for this presentation. Cameron, I think it was just the hippy thing 😉

Oh no, I was not doing apex presentation – it was from my Groovy presentation “Mother of all CDFs has arrived”. I’ll blog about my session as a series of blog posts.

Old Oracle gang – Kanupriya Bajpai, Kannan Sachidanandan and me. Didn’t I tell you about meeting friends 🙂 It is all about fun and learning.

That’s Cameron capturing evidence before Neviana tried to kidnap my little daughter 🙂 and unfortunately, that’s that the only picture that I’ve with all of them. Bugger I didn’t take any pictures with my family and extended family :(. Way too many cokes, less sleep, and excitement I blame all of the above.

Pete and me sharing a good laugh (or was it just him 😉 )

After Kscope, we went for some site seeing and drove back to North Carolina.

Those are the pictures from our safari ride and it was really nice to see some critically endangered, extinct in wild, and some other animals roaming freely(?) kids and the kid in me enjoyed it a lot.

My two miners, we got a lot of gems and fossils :).


Both Zipline and Mining Company are located at Natural Bridge Caverns.

What fun is there without dinosaurs 🙂

We met dinosaurs at two prehistoric parks on our way to San Antonio.

  1. Prehistoric Park, Henderson LA
  2. Dinosaur Park, Bastrop TX

See I told you it’s fun and learning. I thought of writing this as a technical and a Kscope post and it became way too lengthy. So let’s have some fun first 🙂


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