PBCS Quick Tips – Domain auto fill and accessing multiple PODs

This came to me as a surprise/Monday blue/didn’t know what was going on.

I was on doing training for a bunch of users and letting them know how to remember their the domain name (rather how to make PBCS remember the domain name for you)

I logged into Smart View, and to my surprise (embarrassment rather 😉 ) I don’t get an enter domain prompt

That was picked up from the Shared Connections, to make that I’m not dreaming/someone didn’t mess with my tea/I’m not having Monday blues I changed my Shared Connections URL to a different PBCS URL, and Smart View picked up the domain name from the URL right away.

Think of it that is/was the right approach, the domain name was always there so why should I type it in 🙂 Good work Oracle 🙂

Excellent job Oracle 🙂

Today, Oracle surprised me again with another one, people like me as consultants often get bit by this one. If you are working on multiple clients and you try to login to different PBCS URL, it gives you an error message that takes you to a localhost page. Opal Alapat wrote a blog post on that same.

That is not happening anymore; you don’t have to log in to the old instance anymore to sign-off. You can access different PODs without facing the login-fail localhost:9000 error.

P.S I’m using an EPBCS and a PBCS instance

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