Essbase Member Operation Utility – Rename Aliases and Exception handling 2

I never thought I’d add an update to member operation utility 🙂

Now you might be thinking why this update?

Akram, who was using Essbase Member operation utility was asking for an ability to bulk update aliases. My response was “Why don’t you use a load rule and perform the update?”

His use case is more evolved, and he is looking to allow some users to update aliases of existing members. Yes, it can be still done using load rules.

However, what if the user adds a level 1 member instead of level 0, what if they use a non-existing member.

Adding level 1 or higher level member and updating aliases work fine.

The second case the non-existing member will be added as a new member.

In short, he was able to convince me to come up with this update 🙂

From this version of EsbMbrOperation utility, you get a new option renamealias

You can supply bulk alias rename operation as a commas separated file. The format is as follows

Alias table, Member name, New Alias

If no alias table is given, the default alias table will be used for the update operation.

Ausual, you can encrypt the whole script using the following command.

java -jar lib\EsbMbrOperation.jar -encrypt=”-u=admin -p=password -S=localhost -App=Sample -Db=Basic -file=C:\AliasChange.txt -renamealias”


Once encrypted use the encrypted string in the bat/shell script.

While I was at it, I found that sometimes you might want to continue the process even if there is an exception. As you can see from the above screenshot since the member “test” is not found, it’ll stop the process and won’t rename the aliases of Jan and Feb.

From this version, you get an option, not to abort the process. The utility will just report the error message and continue with the process.

You can download the latest version here.

The documentation can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Essbase Member Operation Utility – Rename Aliases and Exception handling

  • Sébastien Roux

    Hi Celvin, after coding my own rename class I tested yours and it looks like that we have the same issue as outline warnings will prevent changes to be saved. The following error message is displayed:
    Error: Errors found during outline verification.
    ZWW234 ( VIRTTOOMANYCHILDREN (warning only))

    What would be your advice here, well I know that you are not in the Hyperion hype anymore lately!