2017 – A Groovy year 1

21st century got matured, and I think it is a bit late for a 2017 review 😉

When I look back, 2017 was an eventful year for me. I wrote 26 blog posts, spoke at KScope, was the flag bearer for EPBCS Groovy and On-Prem Groovy scripting. There are some events which I don’t want to remember (you know what I’m talking about) and wish you never go through that in your career.

Let’s look at how this blog performed.

Almost 38k users visited this site,  and that generated 66k sessions. Thanks to you gentle reader that % has gone up.

Let’s look at some details.

That is an excellent heartbeat 😉 45.1% of you guys are new visitors. English (US & UK English) is the top language followed by French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Thank you (or should I say Je vous remercie or Gracias or even Obrigado)

Now let’s look at how you all landed here. I’m sure that someone fooled you 😉

Looking for the referrals and other acquisition data, I found that my big brother who went to the other side doesn’t love me like he used to 😉


Brian, the weekly offender list has helped a lot.

Pete, Tim, and others thank you for all the referrals.


This I can say “I told you so” 😉

The United States without any doubt got the largest EPM customers and obviously, India is going to come second. (Is that going to change next year, we’ll see)

The UK comes third. Canada I love you guys. France – Never thought someone from France is reading this blog.

Austraila, It’s Pete trying to find whether I made a mistake.

Brazil, I guess that’s Rodrigo and Ricardo following Pete’s footsteps 😉

Desktop is showing a downward trend, that was expected. I’m using a Surface myself (I think Surface is considered as a Laptop, my bad)

I was interested to see what Mobile devices are you guys using.

iPhone rules 🙂

Someone using Xbox, that’s some dedication, I would love to know who you are. I swear that’s not me (I’m a PS4 guy)

Top 10 posts

Essbase language for Notepad ++ comes first, that reminds me that I need to update the new functions and the Snippet plugin.

People are looking for auditing features, can we please get better auditing Oracle. Its better on cloud!!!

Block creation is still a headache and surprisingly Groovy comes next, I did mention that there will be a tomorrow where block creation is a thing of the past. Embrace Groovy 🙂

People are still looking at how to format data exports, can we please get formatting with DATAEXPORT, man can only dream!!

Executing MaxL from a rule, yes why not go Groovy and you can do anything (Call a SQL procedure, send an email, update a table, run a batch/shell script oh yeah all these are possible.) I’m working on a Groovy Snippet series and you’ll see all of these there.

Run a batch file from workspace – this is a common question I get all the time after publishing the series of execute <this> from workspace series. I’m working on a shell version of this one. (Need to install Linux on Virtual box)

Exporting users and provisioning – that’s a dead one, Jim unless you are still on 11.1.1.x version. You can either export using LCM or use NUMSys. Well, that reminds me that I must finish the NUMSys web version with Glassfish.

Encrypting MaxL – well I don’t really like the way encryption is handled in MaxL 🙁

I still hope to write 2 blog posts a month and hopefully there will be more “groovy” posts. I wish you all a Happy New Year (Well, it’s just second week of Jan. I still can, can’t I 😉 )

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I’m an EPM Consultant, my primary focus is on Hyperion Planning and Essbase. Some of you from Hyperion Support team might recognize me or have seen my support articles, I was with the WebAnalysis Support Team. I'm an Independent Consultant with “Intekgrate Corporation” based out of Aurora office. I’m from God’s Own Country (Kerala, India), lived in all southern states of India, Istanbul and Johannesburg (and of course United States). I’m core gamer :) and an avid reader. I was awarded Oracle ACE Director for my contributions towards EPM community.

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