New Journey!! 18

The last post before I say goodbye.

There are a few people who knew this was happening and for those of you who didn’t.

I’m leaving the Oracle EPM world and starting a new technical journey. I used to joke about Oracle being my second wife, even though my real wife has a different opinion. (She thinks she is second, and sometimes I think she is right about it.)

I was talking to Cameron Lackpour yesterday, and I was telling him that I got divorced and Oracle is my ex-wife now :).

You might be now thinking about, what I’m going to do?

I’m joining OneStream Software as an employee. I’m excited and anxious to start this new journey. I’m excited about the opportunity, the future, and exploring new frontiers. I’m anxious because I’m new to Smart CPM and I know nothing!!!!

Here’s to new beginnings, and a new CPM Family. You can follow my new blog CPM Insights or EPM Insights (Yup I copied my big brother 😉 )

I admit that past couple of months, I was in a rush to finish my draft posts. I’m leaving, and I wanted to do a little more before I leave 🙁

A couple of days I was sad that I’m leaving the EPM world. I admit I’ll miss the people, KScope,…

In no particular order (I’m overwhelmed, so I could miss names, apologies if you don’t see your name)

Peter Nitschke, Tim German, John Booth, Sree Menon, Natalie Delemar, Jessica Cordova, Ricardo Giampaoli, Rodrigo Radtke de Souza, Prasad Kulkarni, Shankar Viswanathan, Ujwala Maheswari, Dan Pressman, Gabby Rubin, Glenn Schwartzberg, Shaji Puthenveetil,  Shaun Bakey, Suren Seshadri, ODTUG, and many more.

It’s been a long journey; I started this blog because I didn’t want to forget what I learned (I was on the longest beach when I got recruited at Deloitte).

I think it was in 2009 or maybe even before I was fighting on an OTN thread with someone called “CL” about block creation!!!! I was like who is this CL guy doesn’t know anything!!! Later I did tell him this story and we both we laughing hysterically :):):) o

I think after 2 or 3 years into writing a lot of posts (I hate when I go back and look at them), I think it was Edward Roske, who first added a link to my blog. I went ahead looked at it again, and Orahyplabs is the first one ;). I was thrilled that I emailed a screenshot to a few of my friends.

When I got added to Cameron’s best and brightest email list, I was so excited about it, and my wife thought I won a lottery.

I still remember talking to Tim German (mistaking him for someone else) and him asking me to come and start looking at OTN forums, I didn’t know anything, however, him thinking so highly of me was like conquering a new world.

When I first went to Kscope and met all the EPM giants and them recognizing me, let’s say my cheeks were hurting (I was blushing and smiling). I’m blushing now too.

The exciting thing about memories is they all come rushing like a hurricane and crush you 🙁

I believe I’ve tried my best to keep this place alive, Wish me luck and this is me signing off for the last time.

I give you love and CPM 😉

About Celvin Kattookaran

I’m an EPM Consultant, my primary focus is on Hyperion Planning and Essbase. Some of you from Hyperion Support team might recognize me or have seen my support articles, I was with the WebAnalysis Support Team. I'm an Independent Consultant with “Intekgrate Corporation” based out of Aurora office. I’m from God’s Own Country (Kerala, India), lived in all southern states of India, Istanbul and Johannesburg (and of course United States). I’m core gamer :) and an avid reader. I was awarded Oracle ACE Director for my contributions towards EPM community.

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